My oldest son received his first
Citrus Lane Box today and he was very excited to see what he received! He also wanted to be featured in my review. 🙂

The side of the box reads this….


It was beautifully wrapped until He tore this open…


The Goodies when he ripped the paper open….



He was so excited and couldn’t sit still for the picture.

CL3 - Copy

You can NEVER have too many of these and I like the fact it’s featured for children. This item went straight into my purse when he finished posing for the camera. The boys got a hold of the last first aide kit I carried and used all the band aides. Boys will be boys! 🙂

This is what my son is holding…


Item two: Mini Bamboo Vehicle by Harp $4.95


What little boy doesn’t like cars especially one made out of bamboo! lol The moment he set eyes on this car he was all smiles and ready to open it. Good thing I had this to distract him when I put the MeddiBuddy First Aide Kit in my purse. 🙂

Item Three: Petit Collage Memory Game Animal Pals $16


Just what he needed for a little boy his age (4 years old). He did great playing this game however we started of with 3 pair and gradually increase the number of animals he had to match. My two year old did good with two sets.

He loves this game.

CL1 - CopyItem Four: Hello Books “Monkey Business” by Hello Hanna $9.95


What more than a book full of stickers (that’s how he viewed it). lol He made a pretty good jungle for being a four year old even if it wasn’t exactly like the picture or even similar. He enjoyed it and I loved watching him create his masterpiece.

Everything we received my son loved it especially the car. 🙂

CL2 - Copy

This was my first
Citrus Lane Box
so I paid ONLY $9 and received $36.15 worth or merchandise.

Since my oldest son loved his
Citrus Lane Box I will be sticking with it as well as signing up my two year old for one. Did you receive a
Citrus Lane Box? What did you get and did you like what you received? I would suggest any parent to try this box at least once plus they have a coupon code “TAKE20OFF” and save $20 off your first box making it only $9 which you can’t pass up.

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