Is Beyonce a bad role model for girls?
I’m so appalled at Bill O’Reilly, out of all the female celebrities he questions is Beyonce a good role model for girls because of her recent video “Partition” which he calls “Raunchy” (video posted below). The question first came up when O’Reilly the Fox News host interviewed Russell Simmons and asked him “Why on earth would this woman (meaning Beyonce) put out a video promoting sex in the back of a car”? Russell Simmons gave an appropriate answers so why not leave it at that.

But Noooooooooo………..

Then O’Reilly goes on David Letterman “Late Show” and the question is brought up again which you’ll view in the video above. This time when Bill O’Reilly talks about the video he sounds as if Beyonce is responsible for some of our African American girls problems(make sense). David Letterman stated some valuable points as well in Bey’s defiance during the interview.
My personal feelings is that girls should looking up to their parents. Beyonce is in the back seat of a car with her HUSBAND. Out of all women Bill O’Reilly questions Beyonce actions when women have been doing provocative videos for decades; such as Miley Cirus, Madonna, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Trina, Lil Kim and the list of celebrities goes on.

O’Reilly sounds so racist when he says “Beyonce has $350,000 million dollars in the bank according to source she doesn’t have to do this” “some of these THUGS that’s all they can do” SERIOUSLY! I want to know what you think because I could go on forever about this topic.

What do you think about Bill O’Reilly’s question? Do you think Beyonce is a good role model and what do you think about her video?

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