Little Black Bag Update April 2014

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Before I discuss my  little black bag adventures I must tell you about this awesome young lady I found in LBB chat room! Her name is Christy and she wanted a 3-8-1 Honey Suckle Candle. I traded some of my items for it; eventually getting her the candle and all I can say is that she was so overjoyed about this particular candle that it brought tears to my eyes.

Instead of trading her for it I gave it to her as a gift and boy did she get even more excited and emotional. This was all over a candle which she was overly appreciative about and that made me feel so good inside.

Despite what she has been through these past weeks she truly needed something to bring her spirits up and I’m happy I could be apart of that!!

Christy I may not know you but what I do know about you is that you’re a beautiful person inside and good things are sure to come your way!

Here’s the candle she wanted and received

3-8-1-candles-honeysuckle-candle-1Currently I’m trying to get this lovely bag from  little black bag


Are you apart of little black bag? Tell me what you have gotten or looking to trade for. If you’re not part of the little black bag team your missing out on GREAT sales plus you get 25% off of your first purchase. So what are you waiting for start saving now on some of the hottest name brands at  little black bag.


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