Fancy is a website where you can subscribe to different fancy box’s such as Kelly Rowland, Jennifer love Hewitt, Coco Rocha, Ashton Kutcher, Verbal and many more. It’s can be a monthly subscription, quarterly or yearly depending on what box you pick. Usually you will get $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.

I’m a little behind on my reviews however here we go…

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Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Subscription  
Cost: $39/month ($7.95 shipping).


This month Kelly Rowland Fancy Box was all about Hip Hop/Rap and I loved everything she sent.


Item One:Little Biggie Cloud Necklace by Kelly Shami NYC $80


  The necklace says “It Was All a Dream” which are lyrics from Notorious B.I.G. ( Song Juicy (who was shot to death in 1997). I actually love this necklace and can relate to some of the lyrics in the song. R.I.H. Notorious B.I.G.

Item Two: Understand Rap $13

This book is perfect for those who Do Not understand rap lyrics. I can get the mostly understand rap lyrics when I hear it a couple of times but it doesn’t hurt to have this book to fall back on.

Item Three: Bad A** B!tch Candle by Ms. Betty’s $18


Besides the name of the candle I love the scent it’s so strong and soft. You can smell it with the lid off from a good distance. This is my favorite item in the box.

Item Four: Hip HopSicles $7.99KRAPRILBOX3

The boys will love making these because all of the different Hip Hop shapes. 🙂

Kelly Rowland  Fancy box for April totaled $118.99 being that I paid $39 for the box + $7.95 ($46.95) shipping. The box was good especially the whole hip hop theme.

Are you  subscribed to Kelly Rowland Fancy Box, if so please comment and tell me what you thoughts of April Subscription? If your interested in getting your own Kelly Rowland Fancy box Click here  Also use the code (followup10) to receive %10 off any Fancy box.

If you have trouble finding a fancy box, once you click on the link I provided click on “SHOP” then “FANCY BOX” and you should find all the Fancy Box Subscriptions.

Fancy Box Site Click here 


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