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You will need:
1. AVON SuperExtend Liquid Eye Liner (Black).
2. AVON TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad (Green Flash) or ANY AVON eyeshadow that’s a gold/bronze/brown color.
3. AVON Mega Effects Mascara.
4. Your favorite AVON Lip gloss or Lipstick.

Step 1. Clean your face of any makeup especially your eyelids and eyelashes. I used AVON’s Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion which works really well without irritating your face.

Step 2. Apply AVON TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad you’ll be using the goldish brown color.

Step 3. Then apply the lighter brown or yellowish color eyeshadow to the upper eyelid towards your eyebrows

Step 4. Use AVON SuperExtend Liquid Eye Liner (Black) to start making little sloppy “C’s” in the inner corner of your eye and gradually get bigger as you go out.

Step 5. Use AVON SuperExtend Liquid Eye Liner (Black) to add a line on your eye lid (top and bottom if your prefer). For more of a cat eye extend the eye line to a thick point.

Step 6. Apply AVON Mega Effects Mascara to your eyelashes.

Step 7. Then finalize your leopard eye look with your favorite AVON lip gloss or lipstick.

If you have any difficulties please contact me.

Please Send me pictures letting me know how your leopard eye turned out? 🙂


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