Fancy is a website where you can subscribe to different fancy box’s such as Kelly Rowland, Jennifer love Hewitt, Coco Rocha, Ashton Kutcher, Verbal and many more. It’s can be a monthly subscription, quarterly or yearly depending on what box you pick. Usually you will get $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice. Now they have Snoop Dogg Subscription Box…

Disclosure: This post contains referral  links. Snoop Dogg Fancy Box Subscription  
Cost: $42/month ($7.95 shipping).

I’m a little late on this review however this was an extremely interesting box.

snoop Snoop Dogg Fancy Box Theme was ALL about GREEN. LOL

SnoopBox1Item One: Solopipe $70

Solopipe is perfect for those who want a well designed, easy to use tobacco pipe that also has a built-in refillable, adjustable butane lighter. Solopipe specializes in assisting the ease of tobacco smoking for those inconvenienced by the need for 2 hands to enjoy their tobacco. Solopipe — it’s all you need


We can all figure out what Snoop puts in his solopipe. lol

Item Two: High Times Special 4-20 Issue – April 2014 $6


This magazine is actually interesting coming from someone who does not smoke. 🙂

Item Three: How High Am I? Journal $9


Whoever came up with this must be a smoker and it would be very interesting to see what Snoop writes in his journal when he is HI. lol

Item Four: F*ck Yes Rubber Stamp $9


I have been feeling this way every time I hear good news lately but I don’t think I’ll be using this. lol

Item Five: Executive Branch Papers $3


I don’t smoke so these will not be used however three comes in a pack.

Item Six: $100 Napkin Bills $9

These did not come in my Fancy Box however fancy sent them in a separate envelope and gave me a credit for the ash tray I also did not receive. Fancy said fedex removed it because the sand substance was unfamiliar. Seriously?

I can’t wait to see what’s in his May box! 🙂 More GREEN? lol

Snoop Fancy Box totaled to be $106 (not including the credit) and I paid $42 ($7.95 shipping. Not bad!  Did you receive a Snoop Dogg Fancy Box? Please share share your thoughts by commenting?

To get yours click on the link I provided, once your on the site click on “SHOP” then “FANCY BOX” and you should find all the Fancy Box Subscriptions. Use coupon code “FOLLOWUP10” to save you 10%. Click here —> Snoop Dogg Fancy Box Subscription  


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