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Nibblr Box Subscription
Cost: $5.99 (including shipping), $5.75 4 box subscription or $5.50 for 12 subscription.

Look at what came in the mail today.

Thank You Nibblr for sending me this box.


It comes beautifully packaged.


You’ll receive this in your box telling you more about the company and products.


When the boys and I opened the box, we immediately wanted to snack on everything excluding the shirt. lol


First let me start off with the T-Shirt. I absolutely love it and the writing is in my favorite color.


Snack #1: Alehouse Blend


As soon as this picture was taken my oldest son took and opened this package which was surprising because he’s a picky eater due to having an issue similar to acid reflex. What we loved most about this blend of brazilian steakhouse peanut crackers, corn nuts,  and mini pretzels is that you can taste each individual ingredient is chewed together. This was our favorite out of the four.

Snack #2:  A, B, C’s

This blend of apple, cranberries and blueberries was an interesting combination. I liked it unlike my oldest picked out the apples and my youngest didn’t discriminate and ate all three combined. This was our second favorite and if you like fruit you’ll enjoy this.

Snack #3: Not-So-Sticky-Bun


This mixture of graham crackers, cinnamon praline almonds and almonds mixed was good. The boys ate only the graham crackers leaving the alomonds to me. Although they didn’t eat the almonds this is still a mixed snack I liked and would buy in a bulk.

Snack #4: Autumn Crisps


I stated Snack #1 was our favorite however this was MY favorite! The boys didn’t get a chance to try this but I did and I enjoyed every mixture of mini crisps with cranberries, pecans, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. I’m going to order my Mother this one because she loves all the ingredients. This reminds me of a winter snack around the holidays.

Overall the boys and I loved every snack Nibblr sent in this box so there’s no dislikes. Before I did this review I subscribed to nibblr which I’m looking forward to the different snack mixtures they offer.

Are you subscribed to nibblr? Comment and let me know what you think about their snacks. Are you interested in nibblr? Please use this coupon code and receive a FREE box of nibblr snacks “disabledmommyof2”. 

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