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My thoughts are all about my boys at this moment while they watch television which is something they rarely do. Honestly this week started out horrible however it has become a little better but when I look at my children it lifts my spirits because they mean the world to me and give me a reason to smile.

I was just thinking about how fast they are growing and it seems like yesterday they were babies, no bigger than a doll. Now their 2 and 4 running around the house and the only time they like to cuddle is at bedtime or when they don’t feel good.

Life truly goes by fast and I am trying to capture every moment but at times it’s as if their one step ahead of me and I miss a precious moment I can’t get back. I know a lot of parents can relate!?

Here’s how much I love my boys. <3


My Youngest575375_10151593399881014_1748657442_n

The Oldest381428_10151589422126014_1932882797_n


5 thoughts on “THURSDAY THOUGHTS & MY BOYS <3

  1. I love your tattoos! I have been wanting to get another one, but they are so expensive. I have seriously considered getting one of my dog. I can’t believe how quickly my children have grown up. My oldest will be 10 in July. More than half her childhood is over! 🙁

    • Thank You! It’s funny you made this comment I literally just got back from setting another tattoo appointment. I need to fix my kisses on my foot and add more color to my back. Your dog? Do you have your babies tattooed on you? If not they may feel some type of way. lol

      I love the fact their growing but their growing to fast and I don’t know what I’m going to do when these boys turn 10 (probably cry.. lol

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