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Mantry Subscription 
Cost: $75 monthly (free shipping). 

 Look what arrived in the mail last week!?


Side View…Mantry5About each product and more…….Mantrypic2

Mantry the “Modern Man’s Pantry” is a monthly food club. This says it all…


Thank You Mantry for allowing me to review your products.Mantry8

Mantry sent me the theme “Thai Game” which my husband was all over (especially since he does most of the cooking).

Item One: Apinya Thai Chili Sauce $7.

Mantry1My husband absolutely loves spicy food especially spicy wings which Mantry suggest using it on. Just looking at the bottle makes it hot however when the hubby cooks with it I will have to try it.  🙂

Item Two: Pok Pok Thai Basil Som $15Mantry2 Being the person my husband is he’ll try something once and if he likes it he’ll stick with it and oddly to say I feel he’ll love drinking this. Mantry suggest mixing it with soda or make a margarita, however he’ll probably drink it as is.

Item Three: Dried & True Sriracha Lime Jerky $11.99.Mantry3 My husband and I absolutely LOVED these and plan on purchasing more. If you’re a beef jerky fan you will enjoy this.

Item Four: Dang Toasted Coconut Chips $4.49Mantry4 Just the sound of these had my mouth watering because I love coconut and the thought of it being toasted on chips sounded even better. The Verdict: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE THINGS! By far my favorite item in the crate! Sorry the hubby didn’t eat these during game time I did. lol

Item Five: Gordy’s Pickle Jar Thai Basil Jalapenos $10


When I first opened the crate this is all I smelled which I instantly gave to the hubby after I took pictures. He is saving this jar for our trip to New York to share with his friend who’s the King at cooking spicy food. 🙂

Item Six: Lord Nut Levington Thai Curry & Lemongrass Peanuts $5.49


My husband and a friend of his demolished these within minutes; so we can all say this was a huge hit for him! I am going to buy him more and surprise him with them. 🙂

The “Thai Game” box totaled to be $53.97 despite the cost of the subscription being more than the box itself however you must take into consideration on how it comes packed (in a little wooden crate which was unique & not just an ordinary box) I think it was well worth it especially how Mantry put this whole theme together.

Do you have a Mantry Subscription? Please share your views on it by commenting!? If not subscribe today it’s the perfect subscription for all men, women, those who love to cook and try new things.


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