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I went to the casino once again this week and doubled my money which was enough to order the boys raincoats and rain boots (batman); I can’t wait until they see them! I always tell my children I am going on vacation when I go to the casino and my oldest is fine with it as long as I bring him something back, leave money for him to go to Chuck E Cheese or go over his favorite person house which is Olivia who sent me this picture of my babies  (my youngest don’t care as long as his brother is with him).

I can count on one hand how many times the boys stayed the night at a close friend or close family members house. I am just a little over protective. 


My week has been a lot better than the weekend although my youngest son got bit in the face Monday (I don’t know what by). Gave him some benadryl and his right side of his face got worse (the benadryl enhanced the speed of swelling) so I had to take my little man to the emergency room where we didn’t get out until 5 am. His cute chubby face looks so awful, I can’t wait until the swelling go down.

Currently it looks worse than this picture. 🙁babyboyface

 All for the boys…

Little Passports A Global Adventure is the boys next subscription box. 🙂 Does your child receive Little Passports? If so please let me know how they like it by commenting and their age because mine are 2 and 4 (not too young)?


All I want is…

TOO FACED “Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick” from Sephora.

Too-Faced-Melted-2I truly need this is my life (anyone has this who wants to trade)? I have a major Lip Fetish. 🙂

 I enjoyed the company of all the ladies who attended my party. Everyone told their story with their Origami Lockets which was interesting to see the different stories..

Check it out and get yours…

OGheaderMy living locket so far…


  • The two “February Birthstone Boys” represent my children.
  • The “blog charm” represents my blog.
  • The “shop charm” represents the fact that I love to shop.
  • “Lips charm” I have a major lip fetish.
  • “Cross Charm” my Faith.
  • “Ring Charm” I love jewelry especially rings.
  • “Shoe Charm” I love shoes and have a huge collection of them.

I’m not finished however what do you think of my Origami Owl locket so far? Do you have one please share yours by commenting? Want one CLICK HERE.

Other Lockets…


This weekend I want to take my boys to the zoo so lets pray for NO rain. lol



  1. Your boys are just adorable sleeping like that! My youngest used to react like that to mosquito bites! She doesn’t get that bad anymore. I have been wanting to try the Too-Faced melted as well. I haven’t broken done and bought it because my draw has at least 20 lip colors right now (and I only use 5). I don’t leave my kids much either. My oldest has had a sleepover at a good friends house a few times. The youngest has only been away when she stayed overnight with her grandmother when I had to go to the city for some tests.

  2. Adorable boys you have -they must be a handful! Sadly there’s no casino near me, so my little “holiday” would be the high street for some retail therapy instead, but hey! It’s something. This is my first time on your site honey and I love it! I’m glad I stumbled onto your page! I have followed you on bloglovin, I am also a mother to a crazy one year old – a diva, Sharing my stories tips and advice 🙂

    Keep smilin’

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