Today the boys and I went to see “Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (my youngest slept through the whole movie like usual). The director of this movie also directed “The Bourne Identity” which is one of my favorite movies so I expected a good action movie a received so much more.

It reminded me of “Ground Hog Day” with Tom Hanks however “Edge of Tomorrow” Cage (Tom Cruise) repeated a war against unbeatable Aliens who invaded the earth. Eventually he encounters  Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) during the war who had the same premonitions until an incident ended hers. Together they try to conquer the Aliens by repeating the war over and over (killing Cage each time) to outsmart the Aliens finding themselves getting closer and closer to outsmarting the Aliens to win the war.

If you love action movies put this one at the top of your list to watch. I know you will not be disappointed! 🙂 I loved every minute of it and plan on watching it again.


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