Thank You ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP for allowing me to review your products. Artistry is a exceptional, quality, designer gift wrap company who’s products come from artists & designers around the world. ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP delivers wrapping paper straight to your door each month. No shopping, no crowds, no hassles! When you subscribe you will receive exclusive member discounts and great prices on gift wrapping products in their store.

There’s 3 different Subscriptions (pictured below).

The June box I received came with this information card which states this month we are featuring double-sided gift wrap designs by Roger la Borde, based in London, England.IMAG0154_1

ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP paper is very high quality and feel very thick and the designs are beautiful. It makes you not want to just rip open the gift wrap but slowly unwrap it where the paper is taped.

This Critters Reversible Wrap ($4/sheet) would be great for wrapping a gift for someone who is an out door animal lover. Unlike most wrapping pattern that repeats itself  frequently this does not.IMAG0151_1

This pattern is on the reverse side of Critters Reversible Wrap. Which is a summer nature color. This would also look good wrapped on a bridal shower gift or wedding.IMAG0153_1

Madison Ave Reversible Wrap ($4/sheet) would be great for Father’s Day or for an Antique collector, someone who is into vintage. For example my husband he’s into vintage everything it seems like around here. lol

IMAG0144_1This pattern is on the reverse side of Madison Ave which is basically the same but in a sepia color.

IMAG0145_1Baby Magic Reversible Wrap ($4/sheet) came just in time for my friends baby shower in July and with the onesies being different bright colors it will look good for a boy or girl shower. This gift wrap will be the talk of the baby shower. 🙂

IMAG0143_1The reverse side of Baby Magic. 


Vintage Wedding Wrap ($3.50/sheet)  reminds me of scrap booking or for an older couple renewing their vows. It’s very pretty and has a lot of detail. I would want to give this to someone who would know thought went into this wrap.

IMAG0146_1 Vintage Wedding reverse side throwed me off with the Paris theme however since the Artist is based in London I get it. 🙂

Bohemian Rhapsody Birthday Card ($43.50/sheet) . I absolutely love this gift wrap and will be saving it for my Mother’s birthday because she loves butterflies and for me they represent rebirth/change.

IMAG0141_1This is the reversed side of Bohemian Rhapsody Birthday Card and it’s in my favorite color BLUE. Why did this have to be on the reverse side? lol By far both sides of these are my favorite and will go to someone special my Mother. 🙂IMAG0140_1Everything from ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP totaled $27 and if you count the reverse side $54 well worth the monthly subscription. Are you subscribed to ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP if so please share your experience by commenting and if you have a review please supply the link. If you’re not not subscribed to ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP please check out their website, if your not sure of it order one month to get the ARTISTRY GIFT WRAP feeling (you’ll love it).



  1. I just love the floral and butterfly gift wrap. I also the the woodland creatures and mushrooms! I wonder about the sourcing of their paper? Is it sustainably sourced?

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