Disclosure: This post contains referral  links and my honest opinion.
Escape Monthly
Cost: $49.95 Monthly Subscription

Each month you will discover products from a different location. Products consist off local and destination-inspired foods, relaxation and beauty essentials, and the highest quality products that bring the life of the destination right to you.


  1.  Moon California Travel Guide ($17.99): Explore California secrets with this detailed guide. More likely I will trade this. 
  2. Juice Beauty Age Defy Hand Cream ($12): This is not to thick or thin and my hands felt fresh after I applied the cream.
  3. Hugo Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange Soap ($3.99): My oldest son favorite color is orange so I gave this to him. He kept asking why did they put oranges in it. lol
  4. Caliwater Cactus Water ($3.50): I haven’t tried this however it sounds delicious. I’m waiting to try this on a hot day.
  5. Nicobella Organics 2 Piece Truffle ($3.95): The boys loved these. They love anything chocolate however I couldn’t eat chocolate while I was pregnant with them. 
  6. IPS All Natural Egg White Chips ($1.99): Pressured-Puffed and never fried, I enjoyed these with no guilt. lol
  7. San Franola ($1.99): These taste so good however it seems like I had them before!?
  8. Premium Sea Sponge ($7.99): Everyone should have one of these. I love mine. 🙂
  9. California Poppy Kit BONUS ($6.99): Poppy is know in California as the “Flame Flower”. My Mom will enjoy planting these since she has a beautiful landscape of flowers.

Everything totaled $60.39 being that the Escape Monthly Subscription is $49.95. I received the whole “California” experience which was great. I would recommend this subscription to those who don’t travel and can have the experience of other locations brought to their door step monthly.


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