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1. Favorite Jewelry 

My Origami Owl jewelry came in the mail while I was on vacation which I was excited to see. I ordered three lockets and multiple charm however today I will share with you all my favorite piece. On the left is my charms and plate. The two birthstone charms represents my children, the cross represents my faith and the “blessed” plate I bought to tie everything together which you see on the right. If you’re interested in creating a living locket click here.


2. Favorite Makeup 

When I went out of town of course I had to do some shopping and discovered a new lip product called Lip Addyct. They had these beautiful lip paint colors which I wanted all of them and finally settled for these four.


They look awesome on me. Pictures of me wearing these colors coming soon…

lipaddyct3. Enjoying my Boys

I took the boys to the fair Thursday and they had fun. I enjoyed how my oldest son looked out for his little brother on every ride they went on.


The boys were intrigued by this man who posed as a Copper Statue.IMG_35464. Swapping

The past 3 days I have signed up with two swapping websites and have traded a lot of items in such a short period of time. My favorite swap was this wooden tie up shoe for the boys. I wish there were two, one for each child because they do not like sharing. I’m going to teach both boys how to properly tie up their shoes (wish me luck). lol

tieupshoe5. It’s Friday

Today I am going to pull out the boys pool and sandbox (first I have to go buy the blue sand) so I can enjoy my babies playing at home, outdoors for once! This Michigan weather has been seriously preventing outdoors time.

The boys on vacation at the St. Louis Zoo.

IMG_3351Please share with me by commenting how your week went and what were your favorite parts of it?


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