love&hiphopI must admit I do tune into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and have done so since day one. If I can’t watch the Monday episode I usually DVR it but these last few episodes have been crazy especially due to Mimi and Nikko Sex tape.

Usually I don’t blog about this type of stuff however Mimi Faust is getting a lot of heat about her sex tape with boyfriend Nikko which was supposedly accidentally leaked (I believe Nikko leaked it & Mimi knew about it because this isn’t an amateur sex tape from what little clips I have seen it obvious that it’s a professional porn tape).

Mimi Faust’s sex tape has become more popular than Kim Kardashian’s, and Vivid Entertainment is ready to sue anyone who’s trying to steal it on the Internet. That is major.

What are your insights on Mimi’s decision to release the sex tape especially having a young daughter? Do you think boyfriend Nikko had something to do with it being leaked? Let me know by commenting?



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