Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop.

Before I began please Check out my GIVEAWAYS!!! 🙂 I currently have two going on.

I know I’m supposed to highlight my favorite 5 things from the past week however my children were my top Friday Fave Today. Here’s the pictures to prove it and video to conclude it….Enjoy!


Mommy and her Boys. Taken 7-31-2014 (my blonde is growing out however I’m loving the two tone).



Taking kissy Pictures at the Quinceañera this past weekend.mommykisses


My children first teeth cleaning at the dentist. Can you tell? (7-30-2014).dentist1sttimecleaning


They are “Angels” when they are sleeping.sleepyheads



6 thoughts on “FRIDAY FAVE FIVE BLOG HOP & MY BOYS 8-1-2014

  1. It is Jennifer-my computer died, so I am on my granmda’s computer. I have no access to e-mail until (hopefully) tonight or tomorrow when my husband can fix my computer. The blog hop is still on. Your BOYS are so cute doing the cha cha slide. Our dentist does the same thing with the glasses. We go to a pediatric dentist. My youngest (8) had to be held down for her first cleaning when she was 5.

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