Friday Fave Five Blog Hop 8-15-2014


Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop (this is her 19th blog hop which happens to be one of my favorite numbers..


We have a date to take current pictures, dinner and a movie.


1. One of the bestie Ebolicous Gifts…It’s a beautiful plaque.


2. Kindness

I would like to thank Jen at  Moms Got Mail got mail because she has helped me a lot, which I find very difficult in the blogging business. She has also given her opinion on matters that had nothing to do with blogging. Jen is beautiful inside and out, kind hearted and just an awesome woman all around and I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart because you didn’t have to do all you have done. It may have been little to you but it’s huge in my eyes!

thankyou3.My Favorite Online Purchase (& Something for you Mothers).

I bought the boys Pea coats from Zulily and really like them however they are not what I expected but I still love them plus they are double breasted so I will be making many more purchases. It’s ridiculous how many sales they have on high quality items. To those mother doing school shopping click here to save a lot of money. Plus they have tons of other products besides clothes.

I bought three of these coats (4, 5, and 5/6) because I wasn’t sure if their clothes ran true to size. Thank God I did that because these coats run small plus I like my boys clothes to fit them a certain way.

boyscoat4. Love your love ones

My best friend Ebolicous husband lost his Mom last Tuesday and the hardest thing to see is your loved ones in pain and there’s nothing you can do but be there for them. With that being sad cherish your loved ones because tomorrow is never promised but death is guaranteed to each and everyone of us!

5. On a lighter note

God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with two little boys because all my life I wanted twin girls. Then I changed my mind a few months into my pregnancy or was it before I got pregnant? lol Anyways I wanted my first child to be a boy because my Mother has four girls and that was my gift to her. So now she has two handsome Grandsons whom she adore.

I love their Bond!

yellowvestsZi&MoniTwo handsome boys!

yellowvestsZi&Moni1Everyone be safe and live life to the fullest!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five Blog Hop 8-15-2014

  1. Your little men are so adorable, I can hardly stand it!! I love that plaque, so funny and so true! My best friend moved across the country a couple of years ago. It was hard to see her go. Your best friend is gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for appreciating me. It feels good to be appreciated.

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