Candy Japan
Monthly Subscription: $25 (received a package twice a month plus FREE shipping).

Candy Japan sends out two packages of Surprise Japanese Candy twice a Month for only $25 with FREE shipping.


This is what was in the package.
japanese candy

Candy Lotte

We will start off with the boys and I favorite “LOTTE”. These are so delicious, they taste like caramel candy which we love! My oldest son isn’t a big candy person however he loved these. I wish these were available in the U.S.

Super Mario Candy

mariocandyWho remembers “Super Mario Bros” nintendo game? This candy is like the game with the gummies shaped like the characters in the game.
These were also a huge hit with the boys because they were like gummy bears.

Nobel Candy Brand

This is a gummy candy with a white filling and since they were orange my oldest son wanted these and enjoyed them (his favorite color is orange).

The boys and I loved every piece of candy Candy Japan sent. It’s nice to experience other countries candy and have it delivered to your door twice a month.

Are you subscribed to Candy Japan if so tell me what you think of their candy by commenting? I you’re not subscribe Click Here for more information.


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