Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop 9-12-2014


Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop (this is her 23rd blog hop and I am happy to be apart of it).

My top Friday Fave Five…

1. Orlando, Florida and Disneyworld 

The family and I had a blast in Orlando, Florida especially when we visited Disneyworld. They really enjoyed United Kingdom with all the characters and rides based off of certain Disney movies. When taking a picture with Minnie Mouse she fell down and my youngest went right with her. lol

See how my youngest is leaning on her? lol


2. Giveaways

Tuesday I received one of my five prizes from

All Wax with Jewelry Games & Giveaways! and absolutely love it!


3. I want this for my Birthday 9/19 VIRGO!

My sister got this beautiful bracelet from Alex and Ani. Disneyworld didn’t have the one I wanted which was in silver with my birthstone (sapphire) and a 2014 Mickey Mouse Charm. Don’t all jump at once to get me this. lol

This was an early birthday gift to herself.

10653516_10203431785407736_5266615656705287022_n“My Sister’s Keeper”
Left: My wrist & Right: My Sister Keisha’s wrist…


4. My new business launching the website on my birthday (a sneak preview).

 Moms Got Mail I wanted to tell you so bad… 🙂 More details coming soon…

ujc5. Two beautiful people I spent 7 days with who helped me out a lot

My Baby Sister and Mother! We didn’t get home until Wednesday at 2:30 am however it was a wonderful trip!



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