1. Hi Shanteena, oh my, I’m hearing of all that’s going with you! And I can’t tell you enough how much my heart is sinking for you :'( I sure hope angels are watching over you, so you finally can fight this and snap out of this, what ever this is! This is the first I have found that you too are a disabled Mom. I don’t freely talk about myself. But I too am disabled with 3 and possibly now going on my 4th auto immune disease. Plus I have my entire neck fused with no range of motion and my spine and bones are deteriorating. I did see this post about Uneeque Home Heath Care, and was wondering if it’s just local to your area, or if its right across the big pond and in Wisconsin? I hope you soon are able to wake up and then we finally talk! I had no idea we had things in common. It’s those you would never know that may be the ones that you find you eventually have a close connection to. I also sent you a friend request. Hope you able to accept that soon as well. Many prays have been sent your way from over here in Wisconsin and across the big pond over to Michigan to you! Wake up darling, come on back to us please and be healthy. Your lovely boys are waiting for you Shanteena… (((BIG HEALING HUGS))) OOXOO

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