Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop 9-19-2014


Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop (this is her 24th blog hop and I am happy to be apart of it).

1. It’s My Birthday Today!


2. One of three of my businesses I am starting


3. I wanted to launch my “Unique Jewelry Candles” website on my birthday but it might be a day late however I’m loving their smell.


4. My subscription box has been blossoming.  

Do you have a Mommy’s Me Tyme Subscription? If not get yours today.

mommysmetymelogo5. I love this man

This is my Husband for those who wonder why he isn’t in too many pictures (he’s not a picture person).



6 thoughts on “Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop 9-19-2014

  1. Oh my goodness. First, this is what I get waiting until Thursday night to visit everyone. I fell horrible that I missed wishing you Happy Birthday! Every day I say I will go visit everyone and every day it doesn’t happen. I can’t wait to find out more about your candles. Will you be including one in the October Mommy’s Me Tyme box? Hint Hint?

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