SUNDAY SOCIAL with Neely & Ashley 8-24-2014

SocialSundayNew4Today I am linking up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social.

1. What is your favorite magazine to read? Glamour or Domino. I don’t read neither but if I had to choose it would be Glamour.

2. What is the best thing you’ve seen online lately? The best thing I’ve seen online lately is, the growth of my subscription

3. Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter? Monica Brown on twitter, she is a very positive person and always tweet meaningful messeges.

4. Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can’t help but love? I LOVE to wear my ponchos!

My oldest son and I. I’m wearing my favorite black poncho with fur around the collar.Iphonepics4 110

5. Do you prefer email or snail mail? Email. It’s so much simpler, especially because I write with my mouse.


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