ONE OF MY FAVORITE FACEBOOK GROUPS… All Wax with Jewelry Games & Giveaways!

Please Watch the video below, you might want to join in on the action!!! 🙂
The Facebook group is All Wax with Jewelry Games & Giveaways!


A List of everything I WON!!!

1.) SIX (6) ScenSei – Master of Scent Sparkle Jewelry Tarts in 2 “sets” of three (3) tarts each. Each molded wax tart is 3-3.5 Oz each and will be contained in their own separate gold box with metallic or glitter Turquoise or Gold ribbons.

Each “set” of three (3) SPARKLE Jewelry Tarts/SPARKLE Jewelry Tart of Whimsy will contain the SAME MAIN gemstone for the “set” of the customer choice from the choices below. Each “set” will include:

– ONE (1) SPARKLE Jewelry RING Tart in your chosen size (size 6-9 , only, please. See Note Below for other sizes.), Genuine gemstones and genuine .925 silver or better metal, with an MSRP of AT LEAST $100 or more. ****You choose 2 scents for this tart.

***If you need a size 4, 5. or 10 or 11 ring, you can still order, BUT I cannot guarantee that those sizes will have the same Gemstone as the other 2 SPARKLE Jewelry tarts in the set of 3. I will try my best to locate matches!

– 1 SPARKLE Jewelry Tart of Whimsy – with a pair of Earrings to match the gemstone in the ring of the set. Guaranteed genuine gemstones and genuine .925 silver or better metal. You choose 1 scent for this tart.

– 1 SPARKLE Jewelry Tart of Whimsy – with either a pendant or a bracelet, my choice, depending on what I find to match the gemstone in the ring and the earrings of the set. Guaranteed genuine gemstones and genuine .925 silver or better metal. You choose 1 scent for this tart.

YOU CHOOSE the gemstone you want to be the “main stones” in the jewelry pieces of EACH set. All three SPARKLE Jewelry tarts in each scent will have the SAME TYPE of gemstone you choose to be the MAIN STONE in each jewelry piece found in the SPARKLE Jewelry Tart in that set. In the SECOND set of 3 SPARKLE Jewelry tarts you can choose the SAME or a DIFFERENT MAIN STONE to be in the jewelry pieces found in the SPARKLE Jewelry Tarts in that set. In addition, each “set” can have the Sparkle RING Tart of the “set” chosen in a different size (great for getting one set for yourself and one set to give as a gift!!)!

-**- Gemstones to choose from for each “set” of SPARKLE Jewelry Tarts: Purple Amethyst, Green Amethyst, Mystic Topaz, Orange Azotic Topaz, Smokey Brown Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, Green Peridot,

($260 retail value for the package of 6 SPARKLE Jewelry Tarts and choosing your own main stone for each set of 3 tarts)

2.) TWO (2) ScenSei Master of Scents Custom Blended wax loaves that weigh 16 – 24 ounces each. PLUS – TWO (2) SPARKLE WHIMSY Jewelry Pieces…one in each loaf.
– Your may choose up to TWO (2) scent choices for your “chunks” in each loaf.
– You may choose ONE (1) Over Pour Scent for each loaf.
– Sent as 2 complete wax loaves packaged in a polypropylene bag with a twist tie and then in a decorative cello bag finished off with turquoise satin ribbon bows.
– Your will receive ONE (1) tin tie, Polypropylene lined bakery bag with a label identifying the scent combination you have chosen for each loaf to properly and neatly store the loaf’s chunks after you cut your loaves up.

($74 retail value)

3.) Two (2) Sets of 10 regular ScenSei – Master of Scents 3.2 ounce, 6 cavity clamshells in your choice of scents that can be found on the website at under the “Buy ScenSei” tab at the top of the page. (There are more scent choices available for the clamshells.)

($60.00 Retail Value)

4.) ONE (1) ScenSei MixMaster 24 oz custom Blended wax chunk bag with up to 4 scent choices for chunks WITH a SPARKLE Jewelry Surprise Golden Bag of a Guaranteed ring in your chosen size worth a minimum of $100 MSRP.

($55.00 Retail Value)

5.) One ADORABLE Snowman or Santa Clause Christmas themed full size wax warmer.

($25.00 Retail Value)

6.) One custom ordered for the winner ScenSei SPARKLE Hoodie in your chosen size and your chosen sparkle graphic color for the two elements of the Hoodie. Choose Gold or Teal Lettering! **Please note the sizes available: Hoodie: S- 3XL with a looser fit.

($65.00 Retail Value)

7.) FOUR (4) Hard copy gift certificates with the SPARKLE logo on it containing 4 different coupon codes valid for $50.00 of any product on website. This is GREAT for Holiday Gift giving!!

($200 Retail Value)

8.) Jumbo Premium basket with a Christmas Theme, completed by curls of Christmas themed ribbons in differing colors, patterns and length, all in a shrink wrapped clear basket bag to hold contents in beautifully and finished off with Sparkly Christmas embellishments.

($25.00 Retail Value)

9.) Shipping to the winner of the basket securely packed and ready to be given as a gift or enjoyed all by yourself!!

($75 shipping charge with signature confirmation, insurance and tracking. This price is reflective of the VERY large size of this basket, the weight, additional packaging material due to the odd shape and to make the basket secure. This basket is SO BIG it fits and ships securely only in a medium Lowes Moving box!! It will likely be arriving via Fed Ex or UPS rather than the usual USPS shipping we do because if the size and weight of this basket.)

TAT for this custom ordered basket is up to 21 business days and will arrive before Christmas!

The Facebook group is All Wax with Jewelry Games & Giveaways!


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