So far my 2016 has been going well however let me reflect on 2015.

January 18th-19th (I went to the hospital for a simple problem and did not get out until February 25th. I missed both f my children birthdays and only seen them four times through this ordeal. To learn more about that click here —-> My Story.


I got out of the hospital just in time to have my boys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party 3 days later. ….> Click Here Boys Ninja Turtles Birthday Party.

After their birthday I went to church for the first time after getting out of the hospital and it happened to be on Easter. I enjoyed every minute of the program Without God I wouldn’t be here.

10435788_10153135125111014_2521710151755847810_nAfter almost loosing my life I decided to celebrate my 35th birthday party in a big way so I took professional pictures for the invitations and of course the boys had to get join in.Mommy & Her Boys

Finally after HARD work my 35th birthday party was a success because I celebrated it with my closest friends and family!

The Birthday Lady!TeenaMy Mother and I….She has been by my side since day ONE!!!

Mom and IThe Besties…Who could ask for better friends!!!

bestiesMy Family…..My FamilyAfter a beautiful birthday party came Halloween and here’s a picture of MY Minions!

Mommy's MinionsMy Youngest…(Go MSU).11108838_10153587441866014_5767690571231144386_nMy oldest….(Go MSU).12038484_10153587441946014_2649220955546412869_nAfter Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas the New Year ranged in and as always I’m  working on a new business or idea. Currently I am establishing my own Health Care Company especially what I went through the previous year. 2015 was a real eye open especially almost loosing my life! I learned life is too short and enjoy the time you have with those you love because tomorrow is never guaranteed! 🙂

Uneeque Home Health Care


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