So far my 2016 has been going well however let me reflect on 2015.

January 18th-19th (I went to the hospital for a simple problem and did not get out until February 25th. I missed both f my children birthdays and only seen them four times through this ordeal. To learn more about that click here —-> My Story.


I got out of the hospital just in time to have my boys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party 3 days later. ….> Click Here Boys Ninja Turtles Birthday Party.

After their birthday I went to church for the first time after getting out of the hospital and it happened to be on Easter. I enjoyed every minute of the program Without God I wouldn’t be here.

10435788_10153135125111014_2521710151755847810_nAfter almost loosing my life I decided to celebrate my 35th birthday party in a big way so I took professional pictures for the invitations and of course the boys had to get join in.Mommy & Her Boys

Finally after HARD work my 35th birthday party was a success because I celebrated it with my closest friends and family!

The Birthday Lady!TeenaMy Mother and I….She has been by my side since day ONE!!!

Mom and IThe Besties…Who could ask for better friends!!!

bestiesMy Family…..My FamilyAfter a beautiful birthday party came Halloween and here’s a picture of MY Minions!

Mommy's MinionsMy Youngest…(Go MSU).11108838_10153587441866014_5767690571231144386_nMy oldest….(Go MSU).12038484_10153587441946014_2649220955546412869_nAfter Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas the New Year ranged in and as always I’m  working on a new business or idea. Currently I am establishing my own Health Care Company especially what I went through the previous year. 2015 was a real eye open especially almost loosing my life! I learned life is too short and enjoy the time you have with those you love because tomorrow is never guaranteed! 🙂

Uneeque Home Health Care



Mommy's Me TymeMommy’s Me Tyme is a subscription box
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My Life….2014

It has been awhile since my last post however I want to let you all know I am enjoying life and those in it! The Holidays always put me in a great spirit!

Life is taking me into so many different directions that I am LOVING it despite the trials and tribulations! My businesses are prospering, my children are healthy and growing fast and my husband and I are at wonderful place in life!!! What more can a girl ask for?

What are your holiday plans?

The boys are ready for Christmas…





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Unique Jewelry Candles Website in UP

Today marks the anniversary of the day I was in a car accident. Despite the trials and tribulations I have endured I have still come out on top as proof I would like to introduce you all to my NEW BUSINESS and WEBSITE!
Unique Jewelry Candlesuniquejewelrycandlesfb

Thanks to those who have supported me because this project has been my baby in the making for almost a year now.

Also Thank You for believing in me Jen momsgotmail she is my first online customer! She’s a sweetheart and I adore her.


Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop 10-31-2014


Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop.

My entire week had something to do with Halloween and the boys. 🙂

1.Trick or Treat at Shark Park.

My youngest was scared of him so he didn’t get into the picture. lol


2.Trick or Treat at Potter Park Zoo.

The boys got their face painted according to which Ninja Turle they were. My oldest is Michelangelo (orange) & my youngest is Leonardo (blue).

Potter Park Zoo

3.Trick or Treat at Eastwood Mall

The boys with “Culver’s” ice cream cone guy.

Eastwood Mall

4.Trick or Treating in East Lansing.

The youngest was acting up and didn’t want to take a picture. lol

Eastwood Mall5.Trick or Treat Party at Crown Plaza Hotel

The boys loved dancing and playing the games! My oldest also won one of the raffle gifts!

Click link to see the video.


My oldest son decided to peel the jumbo Lightning McQueen sticker off of the wall so I decided to have their bedroom wall above their bed painted.

The beginning...

The beginning…

Getting Started…Getting Started.....Almost done…

We are almost done...

We are almost done…

FINISHED paint job…



After the painted wall was complete my sister hung up the decals and pictures (my walls are HUGE and make everything look small however in person it’s perfect).

The boys bedroom door.

The boys bedroom door.

My youngest side of the room….

My youngest side of the room.

My youngest side of the room. His name is above his dresser.

My oldest side of the room….The Playland door leads to their toy room & closet…

My oldest side of the room with his name above the dresser.

My oldest side of the room with his name above the dresser.

Looks who’s enjoying their decorated bedroom and beds…

Their beds...

Their beds…

WAIT! There’s more……

The boys bathroom… 🙂

The boys bathroom...

The boys bathroom…

The boys bathroom.

The boys bathroom.

The boys bathroom.

The boys bathroom.

The boys bathroom.

The boys bathroom.

On the wall across from their potty…lol

Across from their potty...

Across from their potty…

More to come so please subscribe for more…..Please comment as well. The boys and I would love to read them.




Today I am linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

Before I began please Check out my GIVEAWAY!

There are some awesome bloggers on the internet and the first ones to come to mind are:

Moms Got Mail

Mommy Splurge

Practically unperfect in every way

These are some awesome ladies blogs I enjoy reading, rather it’s reviews, talking about themselves or family you get a sense of genuineness and that they blog because they enjoy it! There are more blogs I enjoy but those three came to mind first. 🙂

Please share with me some of your favorite blogs by commenting?




Disclosure: This post contains referral  links and my honest opinion.
Citrus Lane Box
Cost: $29.99 Monthly, $24 3 Month Subscription or $21 6 Month Subscription.


Citrus Lane Box for a 5 year old…


Information Cardinfocard

Janod Forest Animal Dominoes $9.99

I haven’t opened these yet but from what I read from reviews I know both my children will love this game. Can we say Saturday Family Day!!!

Maracitos (pair) $9

maracas I think these are more for a 2 year old and under not for a 5 year old. We will be swapping this out. 🙁

Red Hero Cape $16.99cape

My oldest loves this now I have to get one for my youngest. 🙂

Annies Organic Cheddar Snack Mix $1

anniesBoth boys enjoyed these hopefully I can buy them in bulk.

Everything totaled $36.98, I love Citrus Lane Box however I believe my oldest is to advanced for it and have changed to another subscription for him which I’ll be posting soon. Citrus Lane Box is a great subscription for children 4 years old and younger.

Did you receive a Citrus Lane Box? What did you get and did you like what you received? I would suggest any parent to try this box at least once plus they have a coupon code “TAKE20OFF” and save $20 off your first box making it only $9 which you can’t pass up.


Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop 10-17-2014


Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop.

1. If you haven’t checked out my post on how you can help support breast cancer awareness and enter an awesome giveaway CLICK HERE. This is for a good cause!

You could win these Breast Cancer Boots or the Paula Abdul Watch! 

slippersp10t3 - Copy

2. Spending time with my boys…

I took the boys to Shark Park for Trick or Treating Wednesday and they loved it before it rained on us. lol Here’s a picture of my oldest and this guy from Star Wars. lol


3. The best children movie…

The boys are loving the movie “Frozen” my oldest has learned to work the remote and rewinds it back to his favorite parts. So an hour in a half movie turns into three. 🙂


4. Favorite Candle
I am currently burning a Unique Jewelry Candle in Coconut Lime and it has the entire house smelling wonderful! Join their facebook page until the site is finished CLICK HERE.


5. I WON!

I rarely win anything however I did win Moms Got Mail Friday Fave Five Blog Hop Giveaway. CLICK HERE to see what I won. 🙂

Thank You, Jen



Leslyn's Lovely Life

Today I am linking up with Leslyn’s Lovely Life for Mama Monday’s for the first time.

Life has been challenging however I am a strong person and will overcome the hurdles especially for my family!

Can you believe it’s almost the middle of the month, where has the time gone? Talking about time flying by why did my BFF Eboni bring me my birthday gift yesterday almost a month late? lol That’s what I love about her she’s ALWAYS late even to her own wedding. lol

Today I plan on finish decorating the boys room however I will share a glimpse of it before it’s finished. My lovely Mother and second youngest sister is helping me out a lot which I truly love that about them!

Mom & Sister

My Mom & Sister.

I love being a Mommy and doing for my boys! They are my blessings from above! BLESSED I AM!

On the train to United Kingdom. September 2-9th.

On the train to United Kingdom.

The boys unfinished bedroom.They love cars. My oldest son unpeeled the jumbo sticker that once was on their wall.

Unfinished Wall. They love cars. My oldest son unpeeled the jumbo sticker that once was on their wall.

Unfinished Wall. They love cars.


SUNDAY SOCIAL with Neely & Ashley 10-12-2014

SocialSundayNew4Today I am linking up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social.

Help support breast cancer awareness and enter an awesome giveaway CLICK HERE.

You could win these Breast Cancer Boots or the Paula Abdul Watch! 

slippersPaula Abdul Watch…p10t3 - Copy1. How did you come up with your blog name? I knew I wanted to post about me and my family so disabled mommy of 2 was perfect!

2. What is your favorite thing about blogging? I love blogging about my children and how fast they are growing.
3. What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without? I discovered subscription boxes that I can’t live without.
4. Facebook or Twitter? and why? Facebook, because I love reading feeds and viewing pictures while staying connected with friends and family.
5. If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be? Monica, I admire her and she reminds me of myself.
6. What is something you want people to know about your blog? I speak the truth when I make a post and love others to see how great of a parent you can be with a disability.


Friday Fave Five & Blog Hop 10-03-2014 + I’M BACK!!!


Today I am linking up with Moms Got Mail for Friday Fave Five Blog Hop.

1.2. 3. and 4. lol I’M BACK!

I was NOT able to get on my computer because the device I used needed new cords and more. The video below explains how I am able to control my computer without using my hands.

I use a straw that I blow into to left click and suck in to right click.

If you haven’t checked out my post on how you can help support breast cancer awareness and enter an awesome giveaway CLICK HERE.

You could win these Breast Cancer Boots or the Paula Abdul Watch! 

slippers p10t3 - Copy