Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review January 2014

Fancy is a website where you can subscribe to different fancy box’s such as Kelly Rowland, Jennifer love Hewitt, Coco Rocha, Ashton Kutcher, Verbal and many more. It’s can be a monthly subscription, quarterly or yearly depending on what box you pick. Usually you will get $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.

I received my First Coco Rocha  Fancy Box for January 2014.

I did a little research on her and looked at her past Fancy Boxes before I decided to subscribe.


Item One: Morning Mug $15

When I saw this I instantly fell in love with it. This will be great for these snowy days (a hot cup of hot chocolate or tea.


Item Two: Kusmi Tea $20

Can we say “Perfect Timing”!? This will be great for this cold winter and will taste good in my “Morning Mug”. 🙂


Item Three: Bag Light $12

Those who carry big bags like me “This is a must”! No more rambling in my purse trying to find something especially at night.


Item Four (last but not least): Echo Sparkle Fingerless Gloves $35

I LOVE THESE!!! I can’t wait to wear these and the best part about these my fingers are free to operate my cell phone. I can grip items without them slipping out of my hands as if I were wearing regular gloves.


Coco Rocha Fancy box January totaled $82 being that I paid $39 for the box + $7.95 ($46.95) shipping. The box was pretty good so I’ll see what her February box has in store. I also subscribed to Kelly Rowland Fancy box, which I did a review on. Go under “reviews in my categories.

If you want to get Coco Rocha Fancy Box or a different one Click here to get yours Also use the code (followup10) to receive %10 off any box.

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