January Kelly Rowland Fancy Box Review 2014

Fancy is a website where you can subscribe to different  fancy box’s such as Kelly Rowland, Jennifer love Hewitt, Coco Rocha, Ashton Kutcher, Verbal and many more. It’s can be a monthly subscription, quarterly or yearly depending on what box you pick. Usually you will get $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice.

I received my Kelly Rowland Fancy Box January 14, 2014 after reviewing her previous boxes I decided to give her a try and this is what I received.


Item One: Pipe Earphone w/mic by AIAIAI $40

Honestly I”m not a huge fan of earphones however my son loves these and they came in his favorite color so that was a plus.


Item Two: Unisex Cuffed Beanie by American Apparel $20

The first thought that came to mind was “SHOW STOPPER” so if I want to be noticed this would be great to wear especially in a crowd of people (you’ll have no problem finding me). However in a strange way I like it and will wear it on bad hair days plus I literally have 2 to 3 hats. lol


Item Three:Roller Notes Sticky Note Roll $14

When I discovered what this was I instantly fell in love with it. Unlike regular sticky notes that just have the sticky strip  at the top and sometimes don’t stick that good; well this whole note is sticky and I don’t have to worry about running out of space because I can adjust it to any length I want.


Item Four (last but not least): FANCY Stainless Steel Water Bottle $18

I saved this for last because it’s my favorite item out of the four. I can NEVER have too many water bottles especially since I have children who seems to take over them. This is going to be great especially since I don’t drink a lot of fluids.


Kelly Rowland January box totaled $92 being that I paid $39 for the box + shipping. The box wasn’t great but I’ll stick with her and see what she picks for the February. I also subscribed to Coco Rocha fancy box, I’ll do a review when I receive it.

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