Disclosure: This post contains referral  links and my honest opinion.
Toothbrush Subscriptions 
Cost: $3-5 monthly (Free shipping). 

Look what arrived this past week. My 4 year old was excited despite it wasn’t for him however I gave him a toothbrush anyway.

toothbrushpackageThank You, Toothbrush Subscriptions for allowing my family to test your toothbrushes we absolutely love them. Toothbrush Subscription is a company that will deliver toothbrush(es) to your doorstep monthly (or as frequently as you like) this avoids you from interrupting your busy schedule to purchase a new one and their the same price as the stores (plus FREE shipping).

In my package came information cards that educated me about brushing your teeth especially coffee drinkers.


I have this taped to the bathroom mirror.toothbrushsheet

The toothbrushes I received…

Toothbrush Subscriptions carries seven types of toothbrushes Newborn Toothbrushes, Baby Toothbrushes, Junior Toothbrushes, Teen Toothbrushes, Defender Toothbrushes, Superior Toothbrushes, Professional Toothbrushes and Dental Floss (visit their website if you don’t know the difference between the toothbrushes they carry). They put a different word on each months toothbrush and the first word all customers receive is #FreshLife.

I received a Professional Toothbrush and a Defender Toothbrush.

The Professional Toothbrush (pictured in pink): Is my favorite because after breakfast and lunch my teeth still felt squeaky clean instead of that grimy feeling I usually get (despite my teeth feeling clean after meals I still re-brushed them).

The Defender Toothbrush:  Is extra soft and more for sensitive teeth unlike myself I don’t too much care for soft toothbrushes which are better for you however my son (who is 4 years old) loves it. Being an adult toothbrush it fits perfectly in his mouth because it’s so slim (does your child like to brush their teeth a lot because my two does? 🙂

Are you subscribed to Toothbrush Subscriptions if so share your experience by commenting. If not get your Toothbrush Subscription today and avoid the hassle of going to the store.